In the past, we’ve given you a few tips on how to stay sane and healthy at your desk.  But even if you do all those things we mentioned, it still doesn’t mean you’ll be super productive.  Yeah, sure.  You might feel a whole lot better at the end of the day – like your back, brain, and fingers aren’t on fire – but this won’t guarantee productivity, engagement, or peace of mind.

For that to happen, we have a few recommendations.



You probably don’t realize it, but a disorganized desk can have a negative impact on your workflow.  It can lead to wasted time, poor focus, and unnecessary headaches.  So obviously, you need to get your desk-life organized.  CNN has great advice on that here.  Part of their advice suggests that you keep no more than three personal items within reach, that you limit the amount of supplies you have available, and that you maintain a designated “white space” to make it easier to review documents, write notes, and work in general.

Apps & Programs


Part of your workspace includes the apps and programs you use on a daily basis to complete your work.  More so than anything else, this facet of your professional life can really make or break you.  This technology can make you more efficient, keep you organized, and enhance the skills you currently have.  Depending on what type of work you’re involved in, these apps and programs will differ.  But a few good ones to have at your side would include: Wunderlist, OneNote, Scannable, Buffer, and DropBox.

Real Gadgets


When it comes to working and working well, you need gadgets around you that support what you do and how you do it.  Whether it’s a wireless mouse or a specific type of keyboard, you should always work with the devices you feel most comfortable with.  In other words, never settle for an item just because that’s what your office has supplied you with.  You can always plead your case with management as to why a different style gadget will help you stay more productive.  Most managers would be more than willing to consider your request… especially if it equates to more efficiency.

Fun Gadgets


Yes, there is a difference between real gadgets and fun gadgets.  Real gadgets are the items that will actually help you get work done, and fun gadgets are those items that will help you stay sane and enjoy the space you work inside.  Buzzfeed has a pretty great collection of fun workplace gadgets here (just ignore the name of the article…).  Their list includes items such as a mini-arm pillow, a mug warmer, and a foot hammock.



You don’t always need the latest, greatest piece of hardware out there to remain productive within your workspace; however, you do need hardware that you can rely on to work as it should, when it should.  This means you need to do what you can to provide your work equipment with regular maintenance and to keep everything inside your hardware as up-to-date as possible.  At this point, a solid relationship with an IT company will come in handy.  A traditional managed services contract will handle all of this for you at a flat, monthly rate.