Securing the Future
of Your Professional Services Firm

Your Data, Secured with TAG’s IT Services

Empowering Professional Services with Premier Cybersecurity Solutions

As the professional services sector evolves, it faces unique cyberthreats that demand sophisticated defenses. TAG’s cybersecurity offerings provide a formidable shield, transforming potential weaknesses into fortifications. We guarantee data integrity and protect against complex cyber dangers, standing as your sentinel in the digital age.

The Quintessential Partner for IT Mastery and Regulatory Adherence

Our IT experts understand the delicate balance between effective IT management and fiscal responsibility. We deliver tech and IT solutions that adhere to the stringent regulatory standards of the professional services industry and help boost employee productivity, increasing cost efficiency.

Our services are tailored to align with your firm’s goals, needs and existing infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration with your current infrastructure.

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Core Advantages of TAG’s Cybersecurity Solutions for Professional Services

Beyond securing IT systems, TAG creates a protective barrier around your client and business data. Recognizing the paramount importance of this security, we craft bespoke solutions that address your specific needs, employing a proactive stance to identify and mitigate threats early on.

Professional Services Firm

Tailored IT Solutions

At TAG, protecting your computer systems goes beyond basic measures. Because we understand the intricacies of professional services firms, we design comprehensive solutions to meet the specific needs of your firm’s current digital environment.

Risk Identification and Management 

We aid in pinpointing system vulnerabilities crucial for the management of sensitive data, ensuring robust security measures are in place. 

Extensive Cyber Audits 

Our thorough evaluations spotlight vulnerabilities, providing guidance on effective mitigation to maintain a secure environment. 

Data Encryption and Protection

We employ stringent encryption protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and security of critical information. 

Rapid Incident Response 

Our team is primed for immediate action, minimizing disruption and maintaining operational continuity in any situation.

Real-time Threat Intelligence 

Stay ahead with TAG’s vigilant monitoring, ensuring swift identification and response to potential threats.

Proactive Cyber Defenses 

With advanced firewalls and strategic defense mechanisms, TAG anticipates and neutralizes cyber risks before they impact your firm. 

Robust Cyber Infrastructure

Partner with TAG for a digital infrastructure that’s resilient against the unique challenges in the medical field.

Dark Web Surveillance

Ensuring the security of your digital identity is crucial. We vigilantly monitor online threats to keep your institution’s credentials safe.

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

A well-informed team is your first line of defense. We provide training that empowers your staff with best practices in cybersecurity.

Enhancing Trust Through Strong Cybersecurity 

A robust cybersecurity framework not only protects but also strengthens the trust of your clients and partners, reinforcing your firm’s reputation.

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Our All-You-Can-Eat Service Model

Fed up with unexpected costs from IT services? We get it. With our all-you-can-eat model, you pay one set price and can use all of our services without any extra charges. This approach is straightforward and lets our customers ask for help without worrying about added costs. Everything from virus protection to backup tools is included, making our service both thorough and easy on the pocket.

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Initiate Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Enhancement with TAG

Understanding Your IT Needs 

We start with an in-depth dialogue to understand your firm’s unique technology requirements,
objectives and challenges.

Expert Assessment for Custom IT Solutions  

Our seasoned engineers conduct a detailed analysis, tailoring solutions to address your specific challenges and goals. 

Tailored IT Strategy for Professional Services  

We recommend a suite of IT solutions and services ideally suited to your firm’s needs, ensuring alignment with your objectives and budget. 

Collaborative Implementation and Ongoing Support  

TAG is dedicated to working closely with your team for smooth solution implementation, backed by continuous support to keep your operations running flawlessly. 

Begin Your Journey to Superior Cybersecurity with TAG

Ready to transform your professional services with unparalleled IT security? Contact TAG to embark on a path to a more secure, efficient and compliant future.

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What Our Clients Have to Say…


The TAG Team customer experience is not something you find at many companies. I know close to nothing about technology, but TAG explains it in a way that I always feel like I know what’s going on with our IT.

Chuck S.

You are wonderful! The problem was addressed quickly and completely – So great to work with you all

Kenna P.

Sean and his team always go above and beyond. I’m so appreciate of how responsive they are to our needs.  I cannot recommend them strongly enough!

Kate H.

I cannot express how happy I am with TAG on how quick they respond and fix the issues at hand, and to boot they are so polite!

Valerie J.

They are the best when I can’t seem to get anything to work. If you want a great IT team to work with you and your company, I truly recommend Technology Assurance Group, AKA: TAG

Wanda P.

THE PEOPLE! Best staff. We always feel supported and that our needs are important.

Virgina Victim Assistance Network

The TAG staff is a fun bunch of people who are always there to help no matter the issue and don’t talk tech to us making us feel silly.

MoldX, Inc.

TAG is always great at looking into the broad scope of what the problem is and helping us problem solve a specific solution that fits both our needs and our budget. TAG consistently delivers on their promise to always put us first as the client and we appreciate their hands-on approach at each situation.

allytax & accounting solutions

TAG is a responsive company that engages in strategic thinking and solutions with us and supports all locations well, regardless of distance.

Heart Havens

The team at T.A.G are the absolute best. As a business owner, your biggest fear today is the unknown world of I.T. Technology Assurance Group takes away all of your anxiety and allows you to focus on what’s most important. If you are looking for the best in Richmond. You have come to the right place!

Keith H.

I could not be happier with there fast and professional service…. My file server went down and they had me up and running in about 1 HR from the time I dropped it off. Kept me informed during the short time of repair by calling to discuss options with me. The price was the best part! Much cheaper than the big chain store and our normal repair service. The whole staff there are incredible friendly and understood how important the computer and data was to me. If you are looking for a place to get your network sorted out then stop reading and call them! A+ guys and keep up the flawless work. I really liked the remote in service to fix future troubles/virus issues!

Andrew T.

We’ve worked with TAG for many years and the knowledge and experience that they bring to the table is important not only for us but also for many common clients. They are a business partner you can always count on.

Frank P.

When discussing options for our company TAG presented us with quality options at an affordable price, I have referred them to other business colleagues and they too have been very pleased.

Rich H.

I had the opportunity to visit their offices, and I was blown away by their set up, but also the depth and breadth of the services they offer. Their service department is on top of things, and their response time is great!

Sylvan R.

TAG is filled with such a professional group of people. It’s very reassuring to know our
Hardware and business systems are in such good hands!

Chuck S.