Some businesses struggle to choose between managed IT services and a break-fix IT support model. Selecting the right IT support is crucial to the long-term success of your business.

IT problems affect businesses both big and small. Recently, the WhatsApp message service experienced a global outage. The outage prohibited WhatsApp’s 2 billion users from sending and receiving messages.

This company, owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), was able to fix this outage in a matter of hours due to its top-notch IT infrastructure. While corporations like Meta have in-house IT teams to catch and fix these problems, you can accomplish the same goal by using a third-party managed IT services provider.

Read below to learn more about why managed IT support provides more value than a break-fix solution.

Break-Fix IT Creates ‘Emergencies’

Keeping the complex IT infrastructure most businesses have in place functional is difficult. Businesses that choose a break-fix IT solution may soon regret it due to the widespread problems it perpetuates.

By the time a business using this solution contacts its IT provider, the problem in question is already in advanced stages – an emergency! If the business owner needs to get this problem fixed quickly to avoid excessive amounts of downtime, they may pay more than expected. IT problems are curtailed with managed IT services as ongoing monitoring allows your IT partner to fix problems before they create downtime.

The lack of monitoring provided by break-fix IT providers also causes large problems to go unnoticed. Since the break-fix IT provider is expected to fix problems quickly, shortcuts may be taken. These shortcuts can put your IT infrastructure in jeopardy.

Trying to assess whether break-fix IT has left your network vulnerable? Our comprehensive risk assessment can help!

Managed IT VS Break-Fix IT

Consider this scenario. You’ve been tasked with choosing an IT provider for a small business. You’re presented with two options:

  • The first option is a break-fix IT provider that works out of their trunk and only responds to you when something is broken.
  • The second option is a reputable company offering managed IT services that include network monitoring and IT help desk support.

If you’re serious about setting your business up for long-term success, you will choose the company offering managed IT services.

What are the Differences Between Managed IT and Break-Fix IT

  • A break-fix IT service only interacts with its customers when IT problems occur. Businesses using break-fix IT services are charged every time an IT problem is fixed. Generally, break-fix IT services don’t use subscriptions or contracts.
  • Managed IT services use a team of trained personnel to actively monitor a client’s network. This allows them to address IT problems as soon as they surface, which limits the damage they cause. These providers work on a contractual basis which means clients won’t be charged extra for repairs or maintenance.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Network

A break-fix IT environment is largely unmonitored. This means a company is unable to detect and address IT problems. In a managed IT environment, every aspect of a business network is monitored. This means that potential problems/hazards are quickly discovered and fixed.

Security Software

The first line of defense against serious cyberattacks is state-of-the-art security software. In a recent story published by the BBC, cyberattacks on small businesses were labeled the Achilles heel of the U.S. economy. This same story also claimed cybercrimes will cost the global economy an estimated $10 trillion by 2025.

Choosing a break-fix IT model requires a business owner to choose and maintain security software without the help of professionals. Managed IT services provide clients with security software and update it as needed. This means you don’t have to worry about network vulnerabilities when protected by managed IT services.

Managed IT Costs are Fixed

Break-fix IT providers have no real motivation to keep your IT infrastructure functional. These providers get paid when called in to perform IT repairs/updates. They only make money when you have issues. Continuing to use a break-fix IT provider will make creating an accurate IT budget impossible.

Managed IT costs are predictable, which most business owners love. A managed IT provider will work with you to create a budget and plan for future upgrades so there are no financial surprises along the way. Proactive maintenance supports the life of your hardware, reducing costly fixes and replacements.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of managed IT, it is time to consult with one of our IT professionals. Once we assess the state of your IT infrastructure, we will develop a plan to improve it. Instead of losing sleep over what can be done to Fix My IT, take action with the help of Technology Assurance Group.

TAG’s Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are far superior because they provide you with peace of mind that comes from regular, proactive maintenance and personalized support.

5 major benefits our managed services clients enjoy:

  • Unlimited remote support during business hours
  • Windows patch management
  • Monitoring/management of firewalls and network switches
  • Dark web email monitoring
  • Password management tools

Our goal is to help clients secure and manage their IT infrastructure. With a robust IT infrastructure, businesses can reach a wider audience and handle exponential growth.

It’s Time To Take Advantage of Managed IT Services

Are you tired of dealing with the problems created by the break-fix IT model? If so, it is time to use the managed IT services offered by Technology Assurance Group.

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