Making IT approachable, enjoyable and personal.

We Make Tech Simple

At TAG, we believe in bridging the complex world of technology with simplicity and a human touch. For over two decades, we’ve championed the cause of making tech jargon-free and comprehensible for everyone. More than just our expertise, our clients appreciate the familiarity and comfort of seeing the same friendly face with each interaction. With TAG, you’re not just getting IT solutions; you’re becoming a part of our tech family, where every solution is tailored, every interaction is genuine and every problem is approached with a fun and friendly spirit.

Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

Behind the screens and codes of TAG, there’s a vibrant heartbeat. It’s a mix of fun, friendship, expertise and passion. Here, we’re more than just a tech team. We’re a spirited family, driven by a desire to excel and connect. Jump in and discover the magic that makes up Technology Assurance Group.

Team TAG

We’re more than just colleagues – we’re a family bound by shared experiences, stories and aspirations. Our collective spirit is our beacon, guiding us through challenges and celebrating our victories. Each face represents not just a skill set, but a unique story and a cherished part of our shared journey.

Certified experts

Our laughter is loud, but our expertise speaks louder. We’ve honed our craft over two decades, immersing ourselves in the tech landscape to ensure our solutions are not just current but visionary. Behind every chuckle lies a mind brimming with knowledge, ready to tackle the most intricate of tech challenges with finesse and flair.

Kindness in code

At TAG, our tech solutions are more than just binary; they’re heartfelt. Every line of code, every interface and every project reflects our commitment to our clients’ well-being and success. We delve deep into the tech world, armed with a passion for problem-solving and a heart that genuinely cares. Our approach intertwines the latest tech advancements with a touch of human warmth.

Hustle & heart

Day in, and day out, the TAG spirit thrives on two things: an unwavering hustle and an undying heart. We push boundaries, redefine limits and set benchmarks, all while ensuring our heart remains at the core of our actions. Each sunrise witnesses our renewed commitment, and as dusk sets, our zeal only amplifies, ready for the next challenge.

Fun unleashed

When you step into TAG you’re stepping into an arena of fun. We believe that a dash of humor and a sprinkle of joy can make even the most daunting tech challenge feel like a breeze.

To learn more about our approach to all things IT…


Put others before yourself
  • Empathetic by striving to understand things from another’s perspective while aware of your own emotional influence
  • Provide gentle leadership by positively leading and supporting others (Lead vs Push)
  • Be thoughtful by assessing what we could do better/different


Having a positive, lasting effect of the lives of everyone we encounter
  • Demonstrate our value of others by considering what will make the lives of others easier/better
  • Create, manage & apply documentation for all company processes/everything we do
  • Create peace of mind through clear, concise communication


Enjoying what you do & putting your heart behind it with the desire to grow
  • Continuing Education
  • Above & beyond with weekly recognition of staff
  • Fun with extra-curricular activities for clients & staff
  • “Fun Department” meetings Last Friday of every month


Being who you say you are and who you want to be
  • Do the right thing even when it isn’t easy
  • Whatever happens, I own it

What Our Clients Have to Say…

The TAG Team customer experience is not something you find at many companies. I know close to nothing about technology, but TAG explains it in a way that I always feel like I know what’s going on with our IT.

Chuck S.

You are wonderful! The problem was addressed quickly and completely – So great to work with you all

Kenna P.

Sean and his team always go above and beyond. I’m so appreciate of how responsive they are to our needs.  I cannot recommend them strongly enough!

Kate H.

I cannot express how happy I am with TAG on how quick they respond and fix the issues at hand, and to boot they are so polite!

Valerie J.

They are the best when I can’t seem to get anything to work. If you want a great IT team to work with you and your company, I truly recommend Technology Assurance Group, AKA: TAG

Wanda P.

THE PEOPLE! Best staff. We always feel supported and that our needs are important.

Virgina Victim Assistance Network

The TAG staff is a fun bunch of people who are always there to help no matter the issue and don’t talk tech to us making us feel silly.

MoldX, Inc.

TAG is always great at looking into the broad scope of what the problem is and helping us problem solve a specific solution that fits both our needs and our budget. TAG consistently delivers on their promise to always put us first as the client and we appreciate their hands-on approach at each situation.

allytax & accounting solutions

TAG is a responsive company that engages in strategic thinking and solutions with us and supports all locations well, regardless of distance.

Heart Havens

The team at T.A.G are the absolute best. As a business owner, your biggest fear today is the unknown world of I.T. Technology Assurance Group takes away all of your anxiety and allows you to focus on what’s most important. If you are looking for the best in Richmond. You have come to the right place!

Keith H.

I could not be happier with there fast and professional service…. My file server went down and they had me up and running in about 1 HR from the time I dropped it off. Kept me informed during the short time of repair by calling to discuss options with me. The price was the best part! Much cheaper than the big chain store and our normal repair service. The whole staff there are incredible friendly and understood how important the computer and data was to me. If you are looking for a place to get your network sorted out then stop reading and call them! A+ guys and keep up the flawless work. I really liked the remote in service to fix future troubles/virus issues!

Andrew T.

We’ve worked with TAG for many years and the knowledge and experience that they bring to the table is important not only for us but also for many common clients. They are a business partner you can always count on.

Frank P.

When discussing options for our company TAG presented us with quality options at an affordable price, I have referred them to other business colleagues and they too have been very pleased.

Rich H.

I had the opportunity to visit their offices, and I was blown away by their set up, but also the depth and breadth of the services they offer. Their service department is on top of things, and their response time is great!

Sylvan R.

TAG is filled with such a professional group of people. It’s very reassuring to know our
Hardware and business systems are in such good hands!

Chuck S.

How to Get Started With Our Total IT Support

We will sit down with you and your staff to discuss your gaps, needs, and challenges.

We come onsite and do an assessment of what services we recommend.

Once we have the go-ahead, we start the installation process. We schedule some time to go onsite and install our tools.

We work through onboarding with you, which includes educating you on how to work with us, use our tools, and how to contact us when needed.