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Today’s businesses require more from their IT department than simply running day-to-day technical tasks. They need a partner who is willing to go the extra mile to build and maintain an efficient, reliable infrastructure. IT needs to be accessible 24/7 and provide consistent support to business users. They need to act as a trusted advisor, helping the company identify opportunities for technology adoption and see through new projects from ideation to implementation. To achieve this kind of IT, businesses should implement total IT support rather than fragmented services.

Total IT support is an all-you-can-eat, comprehensive service that covers all aspects of technology to ensure that your company is operating with optimal efficiency. Total IT support from TAG is different from fragmented IT services because it provides a 360-degree view of all IT operations. This way, employees receive the support they need across the organization — from IT strategy to security.

Why Choose TAG For All-You-Can-Eat IT Support

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We mitigate your frustrations with technology because we care about the potential for security breach and your resulting reputation.

IT Helpdesk

We are not a one-man shop but an entire team with many years of company retention here to help.

IT Helpdesk

We care about our clients, and we have proven that time and again. Many have stuck by our side for over a decade.

Key Benefits of Total IT Support

Consistent Support to Help You Scale & Grow

TAG’s total IT support offers a customized approach to meet specific needs related to IT operations, availability, security, and compliance. With total IT support in place, you will have a single point of contact for all your technology needs — from network security to data backup and disaster recovery (DR).

Increased Employee Productivity

When IT is fragmented, employees are constantly forced to take matters into their own hands in order to address their technology concerns. With total IT support in place, you can ensure that your employees receive the assistance they need as soon as they need it with around-the-clock support.

Enhanced Business Continuity

An insufficient IT department could leave your business vulnerable to downtime. With TAG, you will be able to sustain minimal downtime even in the event of a disaster. We have the tools and resources in place to get you up and running quickly should a disruption occur.

Strong Technology Infrastructure

With TAG, you outsource your technology infrastructure. This is ideal as it frees up your internal resources to focus on other business-critical tasks. And with a robust technology infrastructure in place, you can be confident that your data is secure and that your employees are receiving reliable network services.

Provide Increased Customer Experience

When your technology is running the way it should with total IT support, you’ll be able to provide consistent and reliable services to clients and partners. Fewer disruptions in your communications internally and externally will generate a better experience for everyone.

How We Mitigate Risk (and Frustration)

The majority of our clients come to us frustrated. Do any of these situations sound familiar with your existing provider?

  • You’re not getting quick responses (or a response at all)

  • You don’t get resolutions to your problems

  • You don’t get support or the service you deserve

  • Your partner has either been accustomed to throwing a band aid on your problems or simply do not offer any unique solutions for your business

We know our clients want someone to talk to and who they feel they can trust. TAG is always willing to talk through your issues and put solutions into terms you understand.

Giving Clients Peace of Mind

Our clients enjoy:

IT Helpdesk

Greatly reduced security issues

IT Helpdesk

Less down time

IT Helpdesk

Decreased frustration

IT Helpdesk

Having someone in their corner

IT Helpdesk

Solutions to their problems

IT Helpdesk

Better productivity

IT Helpdesk


IT Support

No geek speak

How to Get Started With Our Total IT Support


We will sit down with you and your staff to discuss your gaps, needs, and challenges.


We come onsite and do an assessment of what services we recommend.


Once we have the go-ahead, we start the installation process. We schedule some time to go onsite and install our tools.


We work through onboarding with you, which includes educating you on how to work with us, use our tools, and how to contact us when needed.


The TAG Team customer experience is not something you find at many companies. I know close to nothing about technology, but TAG explains it in a way that I always feel like I know what’s going on with our IT.

Chuck S.

You are wonderful! The problem was addressed quickly and completely – So great to work with you all

Kenna P.

Sean and his team always go above and beyond. I’m so appreciate of how responsive they are to our needs.  I cannot recommend them strongly enough!

Kate H.

I cannot express how happy I am with TAG on how quick they respond and fix the issues at hand, and to boot they are so polite!

Valerie J.

They are the best when I can’t seem to get anything to work. If you want a great IT team to work with you and your company, I truly recommend Technology Assurance Group, AKA: TAG

Wanda P.