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Our experts take a deep dive into your technology, help you uncover where your vulnerabilities are, and recommend how to fill your IT gaps.

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How Our Risk Assessment Works


Conduct an evaluation

We help you locate the places where your security is weakest by conducting a security assessment.


Present findings

Based on your organization’s current situation, requirements, goals, and budget, we provide customized recommendations and a security roadmap. We will identify the most significant priorities.


Implement solutions

We take care of everything from beginning to end. You stay secure without any hassle.


The TAG Team customer experience is not something you find at many companies. I know close to nothing about technology, but TAG explains it in a way that I always feel like I know what’s going on with our IT.

Chuck S.

You are wonderful! The problem was addressed quickly and completely – So great to work with you all

Kenna P.

Sean and his team always go above and beyond. I’m so appreciate of how responsive they are to our needs.  I cannot recommend them strongly enough!

Kate H.

I cannot express how happy I am with TAG on how quick they respond and fix the issues at hand, and to boot they are so polite!

Valerie J.

They are the best when I can’t seem to get anything to work. If you want a great IT team to work with you and your company, I truly recommend Technology Assurance Group, AKA: TAG

Wanda P.

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