Do you sit at a desk all day?  And if so, do you constantly feel as if you’re slowly melting into your chair and onto the floor below you?  Do you think your PC has it out for you and that you’re only one sentence away from your fingers flying off?  Do you find yourself staring into the abyss of screens and doing nothing for eight hours of every day?

If this is the case, then you’re not alone.  You have what we like to call, “A Job” and millions of Americans are affected every day.  If you fail to take proper workplace precautions throughout the day, then you’ll suffer the consequences of A Job.  These consequences may include the likes of low productivity levels, difficulty focusing, and insanity.

To avoid all of that, here’s what we suggest.

Eat good food.


Whatever you do, don’t sit at your desk and snack all day.  You’ll regret it.  Instead, snack wisely.  Keep some good foods at your desk – ones that will keep you awake, alert, and moving forward.  This includes options such as almonds, grapes, apples, oatmeal, and yogurt.  And only eat when you’re legitimately hungry – in other words, don’t snack because you’re bored or avoiding work.  Have a little somethin’ somethin’ maybe once every two hours or so.

Get up and go outside.


Staying indoors all day is dangerous and will more than likely lead to your admittance into the deepest, darkest corner of an insane asylum.  So do yourself (and all of your coworkers) a favor… go outside.  Every two hours or so, give yourself a 15-minute break and take a walk outside.  You can also use this as your opportunity to grab that snack we talked about earlier.  Breath some fresh air, soak up some natural light, and reenergize yourself for the next few hours.

Talk to humans.


Some people tend to think that they can’t talk to people at work for fear of their productivity.  But really, come on now.  Talking to other people will not only make your day go by quicker, but it will provide you with some much needed relief throughout the workday.  Have a chat, slip in a few laughs, and give yourself what you need to stay sane.

Take your lunch.


Your lunch hour is important.  But for some strange reason, people everywhere like to skip it.  And what’s even stranger is that people think they can actually accomplish more during the day if they skip their lunch hour.  However, you’d be wrong to think this.  Not only do you need the break from screens, desks, and work, but you need the food, too.  Together, the break and the food will help you stay focused and awake for the rest of the day.  Step away from your desk, leave the office talk back at the office, and eat some good food.

Drink coffee correctly.


Oddly enough, drinking coffee all day will not keep you as alert as you think it will.  In fact, it will hurt your productivity more than help it because it will affect your natural cortisol levels and begin to have less of an impact on you.  Instead, you should drink coffee between 10 am and noon and then again between 2 pm and 5 pm.  And in-between those coffee-drinking times, you should be drinking water.  And lots of it.  Drink plenty of water, and you’ll experience better… well, everything.  A better mood.  Improved digestion.  Less fatigue.  Fewer headaches.  Cleaner skin.  Fewer colds.  Better concentration.  And so on and so forth…