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5 Simple Ways to Vet Smartphone Apps

How many apps do you have on your phone right now? Ten? Twenty? More than that? So many you don’t remember some of them? We all know those people (or we are those people). According to Nielson, the average number of apps is somewhere around twenty-six for U.S. smartphone users. But can you say for [...]

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Business Traveling Made Easy with These 3 Tips

Traveling is usually just part of the job for many business professionals—whether it’s a two-hour car ride a few cities over or a six-hour plane trip several states away. Whatever the case is, traveling has the potential to be a major pain in the behind. Something as simple as forgetting to pack a charger can [...]

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Technology: The Business Requirement You Can Master

Understanding the intricacies of technology and staying up-to-date with the latest tech trends isn’t a job for the faint of heart. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time. But unfortunately, for many business owners, executives, and upper-level managers, knowing how to speak ‘tech’ is a requirement for any successful business—no matter what industry [...]

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The Ultimate Solution for That Group Text Message

Technology was created to make life simpler, and most people would agree with this statement. However, there are times when technology is so simple that it can quickly lead to chaos and disorganization. Two words: group texts. You send a group text message to six or seven people. Some people respond to the group message [...]

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