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5 tips to make that Microsoft Word life easier

It’s probably not possible to go your entire life and never use Microsoft Word.  It just isn’t.  In fact, there’s a very real possibility that you enter the world of Word on a semi-regular basis.  And there’s nothing to be ashamed of about that.  Word is a bright light in a very dark world.  It [...]

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6 educational apps designed for adults

As an adult, continuing your education can be difficult.  You’re constantly on-the-go, so you need an education platform that can be on-the-go with you.  And in the past, this hasn’t exactly been attainable.  Until now.  With smartphone applications, education is mobile and unrestricted – even for an adult.  Here are 6 great apps any adult [...]

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Here’s why the Cloud can turn you into a productivity master

When it comes to productivity, there’s no better alternative than the Cloud.  Cloud computing provides a platform with everything you need and more to become the master of your own productivity – to do more with less and to go further with ease. But how does this actually happen?  In a variety of ways and [...]

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Are your social media profiles leading to identity theft?

Identity theft is on the rise, upwards of 50% since last year, and according to online security blogs like Infosecurity Magazine, a large slice of this hike can be accredited to social media.  On sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people are sharing just as they always have, but identity thieves are simply learning to [...]

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