Why Two-Factor Authentication Isn’t Foolproof

You know that annoying page that asks you to set up two-factor authentication when you log in to your Gmail? Well, Google is on to something and you should probably do it. So what is two-factor authentication? (And why does it have such a long name?) Well, it’s the latest and greatest way to keep [...]

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Is the Internet of Things a Threat?

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise, but serious danger lurks there, too. New device and application security vulnerabilities are exposed daily. It seems impossible to secure every type of device in every potential use case scenario, and yet, when it comes to critical infrastructure, how could society settle for anything less? Potential Security [...]

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6 Easy Ways to Stay Safe Against Cyberthreats

As many of us are preparing to fall back into a routine—driving our kids to school, making lunches in the morning, working around afterschool activities—it’s critical that we stay safe in the process. Every day, cyberthreats evolve and hackers learn more efficient ways to get what they want from you. Because of this, you have [...]

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Prevent your phone from these four dismal fates

An article posted by McAfee asserted that 50% of us would rather lose our wallets than our phones. But, despite this fact, only 4% of us proactively secure our phones. We leave our phones wide-open to viruses, hackers, and physical theft.  And with the rising cost of phones these days, this makes absolutely no sense. [...]

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Best Home Wi-Fi Tips & Tricks

Home Wi-Fi networks can sometimes be more frustrating than they are convenient. While you can surf the web any time, day or night, it always seems to go out or slow down right when you need it. Good news: the quality of your wireless network isn’t completely out of your hands. Use these tips to [...]

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5 Qualities of the Modern Office

The 21st-century said goodbye to cubicles and said hello to creative working environments where employees are happy and businesses are thriving. Here are 5 qualities that make the modern office a much more rewarding place. Access to new technologies New apps, the latest software, the best hardware—when it comes to technology, something’s always ready for [...]

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5 Tricks for Making Your Phone Battery Last Longer

It’s 2017. We’ve landed a rover on Mars, we’ve flown by Pluto, and McDonald’s is now serving its breakfast menu all day long. For heaven’s sake, can’t we invent a smartphone battery that will last longer than 24 hours? The short answer is no, we can’t. Better battery technology is still being developed, which means [...]

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Should you use OneNote, Google Keep, or Evernote?

Real talk, we all have a lot going on. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, and if it’s not personal, it’s work-related. The days of sitting on a sofa binge-watching The X-Files are long gone and have been replaced with a fourth snooze and a defeated shuffle to the coffee machine in the mornings. [...]

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5 things you should do after work

We all know the best time of day is the end of the workday. By the time 4:50PM creeps around, any normal office worker has already checked out mentally, packed their things, and are patiently waiting for that clock to hit 5:00PM. It’s like Christmas morning, except we feel this joy every day, at precisely [...]

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Back to Basics: Malware 101

Thank you, WannaCry, for bringing cyber security back into focus for us. Now that we’re all concerned about our digital lives again, it’s time for a little refresher on the basics of malware. So buckle in kids, here we go! Trojans If you haven’t heard the story about the Greeks and their Trojan horse, you [...]

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