The Amazon Echo really is a gadget of art.  It can do so much for so little.  All it requires is a simple command.  But what exactly are these voice commands…?  Take a look below to find out.

Set an alarm, a timer, or ask for the time.

The Amazon Echo is the clock you never you knew you needed.  Why?  Because it’s voice-activated.  And an alarm clock that turns off by voice is an alarm clock you want on your nightstand.

Ask what time your alarm is set

“What time is my alarm set for?”

“What repeating alarms do I have?”

Ask your alarm to snooze (for nine minutes)


Set an alarm

“Wake me up at

[insert time here].”

Set a timer

“Set a timer for [insert exact time or duration of time here].

**Volumes and preferences can be adjusted using the Alexa app.

Create to-do’s, shopping lists, or events.

Getting organized has never been easier with Echo.  Here’s what you should know:

Add items to your shopping list.

“Add [insert item here] to my shopping list.”

Add items to your to-do list.

“Put [insert item here] to my to-do list.”

See what’s on your list.

“What’s on my [shopping or to-do] list?”

Add events to your calendar.

“Add [event] to my calendar for [day] at [time].”

Review upcoming events.

“When is my next event?”

“What’s on my calendar for today?”

**Shopping lists and to-do lists can be reviewed, edited, and adjusted from the Alexa app or from a desktop computer on  From here, you can mark items as complete, remove items, or edit items currently on a list.

Ask for the weather, check the traffic, or hear the news.

The Echo wants to make sure you always know what’s going on… in the world, on the streets, and in your backyard.

Ask for weather on a specific day.

“What’s the weather for [day]?”

Ask about the condition.

“Will it rain today?”

Ask for traffic conditions.

“What’s the traffic like right now?”

Ask for a sports update (a specific team will need to be set up on the Alexa app).

“Give me my sports update.”

Ask for a news briefing (preferences will need to be set up on the Alexa app).

“What’s new?”

Buy toilet paper, music, or more of what you last ordered.

Stock up on everyday essentials from the comfort of your own home.  Don’t worry about reaching for your laptop, phone, or car keys.  All you need is your voice.

Purchase an item.

“Order a [item].”

**Alexa will describe the product and have you confirm the item before placing the order.

Reorder an item.

“Reorder [item].”

**Again, Alexa will describe the product and have you confirm the item before placing the order.

Buy music.

“Buy this song.”

**Alexa will purchase the song currently playing on your Echo.

“Shop for the song [insert song name].”

**Alexa will search for the song and add it to your library.

“Shop for songs by [insert artist name].”



This isn’t all the Amazon Echo is good for.  You can also call an Uber, order a pizza, or control your smart devices.  You can turn your lights on, find a phone number, or figure out the name of that one actor from that one movie.  This smart gadget can show you a new level of personal efficiency… you just have to know what to say.

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