As an adult, continuing your education can be difficult.  You’re constantly on-the-go, so you need an education platform that can be on-the-go with you.  And in the past, this hasn’t exactly been attainable.  Until now.  With smartphone applications, education is mobile and unrestricted – even for an adult.  Here are 6 great apps any adult can learn from.


The web is a great place to learn about new things or to learn more of something you already know.  However, not every time is a good time for learning – which is where Pocket comes in.  This useful app allows you to save content into your “pocket” for later.  From videos and blogs to articles and links, save anything you like and come back to it at a later time to explore, remember, and expand.  The content is yours whenever, wherever, and with no internet connection required.


Do you want to learn how to create a spreadsheet in Excel?  What about how to build your own app?  Ever wanted to explore the world of coding or start a new business?  If this is the case, then Udemy is the app to download.  Pick an area, narrow your search down to a class, and start learning.  Classes aren’t free, but they aren’t expensive either.  One full class (which can provide 30 minutes to eight hours of content) will set you back anywhere from $10 to $50.


If you’re going to play games on your smartphone, then let it be Lumosity.  This app is all about training your mind.  With specially designed puzzles, tests, and tasks, Lumosity “transforms science into delightful games.”  But how do they do this?  With a unique partnership between cognitive scientists and game designers.  That’s how.


Designed like Lumosity, Elevate wants to be your brain’s personal trainer.  With games aimed specifically at building communication and analytical skills, this app can be personalized and measured and is based on “extensive scientific research.”  Be graded on a variety of skills and understand which areas you need help on the most.

Vocabulary Builder

Some of us aren’t so great with words.  We stick with the same set of words and dare not venture away from this set.  While this isn’t terrible, you’re also not doing your speech any justice.  With Vocabulary Builder, you can quiz yourself with the 1200 most important words.  Track your progress and level up.  Review definitions, pronunciations, and common usages on an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing user interface.


Think it’s time to learn a new language?  Download Babbel.  Pick a language, determine your current knowledge of the language (beginner or advanced), and start learning.  With pictures, tests, and fill-in-the-blanks, you can learn on-the-go with Babbel and benefit from speech recognition features (which will let you know if you’re pronouncing words correctly).  Babbel is free, fun, and completely engaging.