The 21st century said goodbye to cubicles and said hello to creative working environments where employees are happy, and businesses are thriving. Here are 5 qualities reinforced by IT support that makes the modern office a much more rewarding place.


New apps, the latest software, the best hardware — when it comes to technology, something’s always ready for an upgrade, and the modern office stays on top of it all. Your IT support partner knows about new apps and technology trends so you’re always at the edge of innovation. Companies that invest in their employees will find them experts in the technology they need to be productive and successful.


When a company makes a commitment to reduce its environmental impact, it brings employees along on its sustainable journey and proves that it cares about its people and the planet. And with an increased awareness of the ecological impact a workplace can have, more companies are adopting sustainable policies. From recycling to paperless systems, this sort of company ethos promotes positivity and boosts morale as employer and employee come together to make a sustainable difference. No more wasting paper and tossing those empty plastic water bottles!


One of the biggest changes in the modern office is the ability to work anywhere, at any time. Businesses are realizing that if their employees are given the freedom to work when and where they want (as long as they meet deadlines, of course), they’re happier and more productive. Even the freedom to occasionally leave early and work from home can improve morale. And with Wi-Fi available pretty much everywhere, a mobile office has never been more possible.

With the help of IT support, allowing your employees to work from home has never been easier. Your IT support partner will first look at data security as your employees will need remote network access. Then, together, you will need to assess equipment and devices that enable working remotely.


Productivity isn’t about sitting at your desk alone all day. It’s about collaboration, creativity and agility. Successful companies, along with their IT support partners, are designing their workspaces to encourage these characteristics. A more productive office inspires chance meetings among coworkers, promotes communal seating and creates small meeting spaces within common areas. The key is a collaborative environment, unchaining workers from their desks and giving them the freedom to interact. These are the qualities that make staff members look forward to going to work every morning.

Your IT support provider can help gauge what team collaboration tools your business will benefit the most from and help you get them implemented. There are many collaboration tools available to businesses today, and Technology Assurance Group will help you decide which ones are the right fit for your organization, depending on your current stack of applications and collaboration practices.


Healthy employees miss less work and stay more focused, so it makes sense that companies are starting to invest in the wellness of their staff. From healthy snack options to building an onsite gym, there are a number of perks that encourage employees to make healthy choices throughout their workday. An employee with a rumbling stomach will be less focused than one who is fully satisfied and has the energy to keep working.