Once upon a time, all people ever did was work at the office.

Falling behind?  Stay later.  Got a great idea?  Write it down and maybe you’ll remember it later.  Come across a potential prospect?  Oh gosh, too bad you can’t do anything about it.

People were limited back in the day – and to a certain degree, some still are.  Business professionals didn’t have the means to work outside the office, so they were forced to do everything inside the office.  And unfortunately, this wasn’t so great for a whole lot of things – like work/life balance, productivity, and opportunities for growth and expansion.

But what exactly does mobility look like to a modern business?  Something like this…

Anytime Access

When your business is swimming in unrestricted mobility, your staff can reach into your database or into their personal work files and grab what they need, when they need it, no matter where they are.  Why is this useful?  It’s simple really.  Your staff can capture leads on-the-go, finish projects from across the world, and provide excellent customer service despite the where, when, or why.

Instant Communication

To stay productive out of the office, you and your staff need the ability to communicate with each other.  Your business needs options, and it needs seamless simplicity.  What if you’re in the middle of a project and you need input from a teammate?  If you can’t receive this input, your out-of-office productivity will be dead in the water.

But the input itself isn’t the only thing that matters.  The way you and your staff receive this input also makes a difference… hence, your business needs options.  Mobility embraces communication on a variety of levels – by instant message, through a database, inside an email, on a phone call…

Anywhere Tools

All of that anytime access won’t make a difference if your team doesn’t have the necessary tools to access anything.  What software does your team need to finish leftover work, and what hardware do they need to operate inside this software?  All of this matters, and it matters a lot.

Mobility means your business provides the laptops, smartphones, and tablets that allow your staff to work inside a productivity suite and within the software your business relies on to carry out tasks.  In other words, mobility requires a combination of the necessary hardware and the mission critical software.

Simple Collaboration

Mobility also has a need for useful, modern ways to collaborate with teammates… all of which primarily involves a file-sharing solution and a strategic relationship with software.

A file-sharing solution will give your team the ability to share files, images, and data on-the-go instantly and with little hassle.  And a strategic software alignment will give your staff the option to collaborate on a variety of levels – inside a single document, within a database, or with the help of an exclusive project management tool.