Every parent has been there at some point – complaining that their children spend too much time watching TV or playing with their tablets.  At some point though, you need to stop complaining and just go with it.

And nowadays, this can work in your favor.

Each year, new tech is released that keeps children engaged and entertained… but learning at the same time.  This technology teaches children how to code, how to build things, how to be more creative, and even how to do the basics (like reading, writing, and arithmetic).

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Kano Computer Kit

What better place is there to start then with learning how to build a computer?  With Kano’s Computer Kit, that’s exactly where children will start.  With over 10 plug-and-play components, children build the computer and then dive into a variety of programming languages.  They can draw art, create stories, make music, and hack their own games.



Osmo can do a whole lot of things.  It starts with the Osmo Base for your iPad and pairs with whatever accessories your child wants to learn from.  For example, there’s Osmo with Monster.  This comes with a pad for drawing and interacts with a talking monster.  Whatever your child draws onto the board, comes to life on the screen.  The monster interacts with these drawings and encourages your child to be creative.  There’s also Osmo Coding.  Once you place your iPad in the Osmo Base, your child works with physical blocks to learn how to code commands.


Sphero 2.0

This little guy will go on a journey with your child and get them out of the house and programming at the same time.  Sphero is basically a robotic sphere that can play games, drive through obstacle courses, and turn life into augmented reality.  But where things get really fun is with its partner application.  This smartphone app allows your children (or any adult for that matter) to program the robot to follow specific actions and orders.


The ONE Smart Piano

These days, all it takes is an app to learn how to play the piano – or, at least it does with The ONE Smart Piano.  This connected piano (or keyboard) works with an application to teach you or your children how to play music.  With The ONE’s mobile application, anyone can read sheet music, watch instructional videos, and play educational games, and with light-up keys, people can better make the connection between the note and the sheet music.