Apps are great… mainly because they require very little commitment on the user’s end.  You can download an app this month, delete it by next month, replace it with something else, delete that next month, and then go back a few months later and re-download the original app.

Every now and then you’ll discover an app that you absolutely love and stick with it until you depart ways with the phone itself.  But for the most part, you’re involved in a never-ending cycle of download-delete-download.

So in the spirit of download-delete-download, we’ve compiled a short list of new apps that you should consider downloading this month, deleting next month, and then re-downloading when the time is right.

Google Allo

Let’s kick this list off with a super sweet messaging app.  Now, if you have an iPhone and recently downloaded iOS 10, then this app might not seem so great at first.  But it has its perks.

With this app, you can send stickers, adjust the style of your font, and markup your photos before sending them – all without ever leaving the message itself (much like iMessage).  Allo even has a feature called Smart Reply which suggests appropriate responses for you (which may or may not be an emoji).

One of the coolest aspects of Google Allo… one that iMessages does not have… is that you can bring Google into your conversation.  Say you’re talking to another friend about dinner.  You can “@google” and ask your assistant to search for local burger joints.  Within seconds, results will show up inside the text message for both you and your friend to see.  Or, you can have a one-on-one conversation with your Google Assistant.  Ask for directions, recipes, or videos of funny babies.


Lose It!

Losing weight can be hard for some people… or all people who aren’t aliens.  And this app wants to take everything that doesn’t have to be difficult about weight loss out of the equation.  In other words, Lose It helps you do everything like set personal goals, track your food consumption, manage exercise habits, and connect with experts and other like-minded individuals.


Lose It even integrates with Snap It.  With this feature, all you have to do is snap a photo of whatever it is you’re eating.  Snap It will suggest the food, calorie count, and nutritional information associated with it.


This app comes to you by way of AOL.  Yes, that’s right.  AOL.  Remember those guys?  Alto is an app for email that allows you to combine all your separate email addresses into one central location and organize your messages through Stacks.  These Stacks are organized by content, not by person.  So you have a Stack for files, a Stack for personal messages, a Stack for photos, and Stacks for starred, read, unread, and much more.

Alto’s dashboard will show you the most important items with the help of Cards.  Cards can be anything from shipping information and upcoming flights to hotel bookings and dinner reservations.  The point is to show you everything you actually need to see quickly and with as little hassle as possible.