Whelp, Facebook has gone and done it.  They’ve figured out a way to not only make Facebook allowed in the office… but required.  And how exactly did they go and do that?  It’s simple really.  They’ve transformed things from personal to professional with Workplace.

This team management app looks an awful lot like Facebook would normally look like – except instead of sharing photos of your pet turtle and venting about the election, you’re building projects, communicating with team members, and planning company events.

The great part about Workplace is that the learning curve is all but eliminated.  Why?  Because the average person already knows how to use Facebook, and Facebook and Workplace are basically one and the same.


Is that Workplace or Facebook?  Facebook or Workplace?  Who knows?  You can barely tell the difference.  But where the difference is noticeable is in its application.

Communicate better.

Facebook makes it really easy to communicate with everyone and anyone.  That’s where Facebook excels.  And Workplace… well, it’s no different.  Introduce this bad boy into your company, and your staff will benefit from real-time communication on multiple levels.

From voice and video calling to tagging and chatting, this app gives you and your team the option to communicate any way you want.  Create a new post, receive comments on the post, and then tag other coworkers to bring them into the conversation.  And if that’s not the route you want to take, then you can create a closed group, instant message someone, make a quick video call, or shoot out a message.  The choice is yours.


Plan better.

Just as you can with Facebook, Workplace gives you the option to create an event and send out invites.  You can easily manage anything from a company-wide meeting to the annual Christmas party.  Add photos, share updates, and know exactly who is, might be, or won’t be attending.


Share better.

Whether it’s in a custom created group or to the entire company, Workplace lets you share announcements, project updates, and company news with ease.  Create a post, attach a document or two, and send it to everyone who needs to see it.  Depending on how you set it up, they’ll catch it in their news feed or see it on their group board.

You can choose to follow individual project boards or coworkers, and you can opt to receive notifications through your inbox and even through the Workplace app on your phone.


Search better.

Searching through team boards, emails, and open projects can be a major hurdle for many companies.  Workplace wants to simplify this process, though.  Instead of clicking through windows, boards, tabs, and so on and so forth, all you have to do is type into your search bar.  Search for posts, people, events, or projects.  You’ll receive results immediately and with less hassle than any other team management board you’re accustomed to.