You can always count on Kickstarter to feature some really neat, off-the-wall, interesting products. But every now and then, the popular product-introducing website showcases some gadgets, software, and other tech-related items that are legitimately useful. Like Dusty Brush.

Yup, that’s right. Dusty-Brush.

This little guy is a vacuum attachment. But not just any vacuum attachment. It’s a high-tech, reach-anywhere, get anything without getting everything accessory.


Founded by a father and son team in Switzerland, Dusty-Brush can attach to most vacuum cleaners with the aid of a universal adapter. A bristle-like ending allows you to bend, angle, and maneuver the attachment any way you need to – so in other words, you can finally clean up all that food you drop down the side of your seat while you’re driving to work in the morning.


But that’s not what makes this attachment really, really, really really cool.

Say you have a box of random screws and bolts, but it’s really dirty… so you’d like to vacuum all the dirt up. But if you use a regular attachment, it won’t just suck up the dirt; you’d suck up all those bits and pieces, too. However, now you have another option.


This modern attachment will suck up all the dirt and dust without sucking up a single piece of hardware in the process.

As another example, say you have a computer that’s due for some routine maintenance. You need to blow out all the dust that’s built up over the last year or so, but you’re afraid to damage it. With Dusty-Brush, damaging the more delicate, internal components of your PC isn’t going to happen. You can maintain your expensive technology without fearing for its survival.


If you’re interested in learning more about Dusty-Brush, you can visit their Kickstarter page here. Right now, you can purchase 1 Dusty-Brush and 1 Dusty-Brush adapter for $40.