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5 quick and easy tips for OneNote

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working inside OneNote, then you’re really missing out.  OneNote is like the Holy Grail of notetaking and organization. Notebooks can be organized by sections, which can then be organized into pages.  Pages can quite literally go on forever, and the possibilities inside these pages are endless. Create detailed [...]

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4 gadgets to help kids (or adults) learn some pretty cool stuff

Every parent has been there at some point – complaining that their children spend too much time watching TV or playing with their tablets.  At some point though, you need to stop complaining and just go with it. And nowadays, this can work in your favor. Each year, new tech is released that keeps children [...]

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A 3-part strategy to use more convenient technology

It’s been said that technology can make life easier, and ultimately, you can do more in less time.  But, then again, it’s also been said that technology can complicate things, and after all is said and done, you ran around in circles and took more steps than you had to. But as an obvious advocate [...]

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4 perks of office mobility

Once upon a time, all people ever did was work at the office. Falling behind?  Stay later.  Got a great idea?  Write it down and maybe you’ll remember it later.  Come across a potential prospect?  Oh gosh, too bad you can’t do anything about it. People were limited back in the day – and to [...]

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