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3 easy ways to avoid a phishing attack

Email is a thing of many, many wonders.  It has made the professional world so much simpler, and all the time there are new tools developed for your inbox that are designed to improve things like time-management, collaboration, and, of course, communication.  Because of this, professionals from all corners of the business world have been [...]

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5 skills you should learn from that one person that everyone likes

There are certain people you interact with that just seem to get it.  This whole living thing that is.  Operating in social situations and understanding how to play into human emotions are natural things for these people.  They’re socially gifted, emotionally intelligent, and incredibly easy to like.  But then again, they’re also easy to hate [...]

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5 gadgets that will smarten up your smarthome

If you can manage to find the right products, smart gadgets can do you and your home a lot of good.  Smart doorbells and camera systems can deter criminals.  Smart smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors will prevent harmful chemicals from overcoming your home and help you avoid unnecessary panic.  Smart lights, thermostats, and speakers will [...]

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6 tips for a better than average password

Gizmodo’s headline encapsulates the idea very well, “We’re all such idiots.”  That’s right, America.  We’re all idiots.  The top passwords of the year have gone unchanged yet again – which would be semi acceptable if some of these passwords were unhackable or, at the very least, longer than 10 characters. But, alas, that’s asking too [...]

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