Using apps within your business is a great, simple, and, oftentimes, free way to improve your day-to-day. You can increase productivity and find simpler ways to accomplish everyday tasks.

Here are just a few facets of your business a few good apps can lend a pick-me-up to.


Tech Consulting

It’s more than easy to lose track of time, projects, and the day in general. But with apps, staying on top of your day requires nothing more than a tap, swipe, or long press.

  1. Google Keep: Keep your to-dos, thoughts, and lists in one location. Assign dates and reminders to each task and keep them organized with color-coded sticky notes.
  2. Todoist: Manage and share tasks and projects with multiple people. Receive new to-do’s in your Todoist inbox and assign priority levels and due dates to them.
  3. Wunderlist: Access your to-do list across multiple devices and get things done with ease. Share lists and hold mini conversations within each task.


Tech Consulting

If one thing is for certain, it’s that modern technology has opened the door for bigger conversations, especially when you’re talking about conversations between coworkers. Communicate with one another without borders and with the assistance of modern features.

  1. Skype: Make group calls (voice or video), share screens with meeting attendees, and instant message coworkers for quick responses.
  2. Messenger: Call people for free over Wi-Fi, send messages, money, and locations, and create custom chat groups out of your contacts.
  3. GoToMeeting: Use GoToMeeting to schedule meetings throughout the company. Share screens, create meeting rooms, and record sessions.


Tech Consulting

Sure, you might think that apps distract people from getting work done, but at times, it can be quite the opposite. Use the right app and it can help you focus better for longer periods of time.

  1. Focus Booster: Create better work habits by using the Pomodoro technique. Schedule your sessions of focus and visualize your progress with detailed reports.
  2. Noisli 2.0: Use a productivity timer like Focus Booster, but pair it with high-quality ambient background noise, like rain or wind.
  3. Freedom: Block distracting apps or websites from your phone or desktop and improve your focus and productivity in the process.


Tech Consulting

It’s not just communication that apps expand on; it’s collaboration in general. A solid app can bring everything from internal messaging and documents to client communication and task management into one simple platform.

  1. Trello: Create boards with lists and lists with cards. Add team members to specific boards, discuss ongoing projects, and share documents.
  2. Dropbox: Build team folders, share individual documents, and add comments and thoughts to the Dropbox sidebar.
  3. Slack: Create channels, drag and drop files into the conversation, and integrate all your most popular tools into Slack, like Twitter, Dropbox, and Google Hangouts.