We’ve all been there before… screaming unintelligible profanities at the TV screen as Netflix continues to buffer on the edge of 99% for the sixth minute straight.  Meanwhile, your incoherencies are frightening nearby family members and scaring small furry animals to pieces.

You can thank your less than acceptable Wi-Fi signal for that.

But your lackluster connection doesn’t just affect Netflix, does it?  No, of course, it doesn’t.  Your signal takes immense pleasure torturing every last member of your family, playing a desperately pathetic game of Eeny Meeny Miny Mo every time they try to connect.  And you know how this game ends.  With everyone as a loser.

Good luck bringing home any leftover work on that signal, and you may as well forget about that Netflix binge.

However, all may not be lost.  If you’re willing to make a few adjustments, that signal of yours might have enough juice to make it through a stream-heavy weekend.  Here are a few adjustments to consider.


If your router looks anything like the typical home router, then you probably don’t want anyone to see it.  Because of this, you might hide it in a cabinet or wedge it behind your entertainment center.  But, unfortunately, this won’t do anything for your signal except weaken it.  Keep your router out in the open and preferably on top of something.  And if you can, place your router somewhere in the center of your home so it can provide the most solid coverage possible.


PC Magazine says that it’s important to check your router for firmware updates on a regular basis.  These updates can help preserve a stronger signal for much longer by improving things like security, performance, and speed.  Depending on the brand and age of your router, the process of updating your firmware may vary.  Newer, more expensive models might have the option to search for available updates directly from the router itself, but older ones might require a little research.


If an update doesn’t do it, then you may need to bite the bullet and buy a new router – one like Eero. If you purchase a set of three Eeros, you can set them up throughout your home to create a reliable Wi-Fi system.  This system will provide a strong signal no matter where you are in your home or how many people are connected at once.


So you’re not ready to jump into another router yet?  That’s okay.  You could always buy an extender or Wi-Fi repeater.  These gadgets pick up your Wi-Fi signal and give it the boost it needs to increase its range.


According to Lifehacker, nearby appliances, like microphones and cordless phones, can weaken your signal. So let’s reverse a little and go back to where you’re placing your router.  If your kitchen happens to be the middle of your home, you may want to consider placing your router elsewhere.


The more people that piggyback onto your Wi-Fi, the slower your connection will become.  If you prefer not to have people outside your home slow down your connection, then you should probably change your password.  Always avoid default passwords, and try to keep your passwords as strong and unique as you can reasonably manage.