As a leader, your time is an extremely valuable commodity.  Your days are spent in a constant state of go-go-go, and your work life has the tendency to creep into your personal life.

When you do have legitimate time to do whatever it is you want to do, it’s almost like everything you’ve ever wanted to do comes at you at once.  As a result, you can’t decide on anything, so you spend your day at home, sitting on the couch, re-watching TV shows on Netflix.

To avoid this dismal reality, here are a few activities that will take you far, far away from that depressing couch potato status.

Pick up a hobby.

A really great way to spend your free time is with an exciting or interesting hobby (like cooking, dancing, or hiking).  And don’t be scared to step outside of your comfort zone here.  Pick up a hobby that has a scheduled time so that you’re expected to be somewhere at a certain time—this will work to pull you away from whatever else is going on.

Spend time with family.

During the work week, it can be difficult to bond with your family.  So, when free time rolls around, it’s important to take the opportunity to reconnect with your family members.  Take your spouse out on a date, play with your children at the park, or have a big breakfast with the entire family.

Learn something new.

Learning doesn’t always have to be such a chore.  Read a book, watch a documentary, or take a class on Lynda.  You’d be surprised to see how rewarding these simple activities can turn out to be.  And as an added benefit, it usually doesn’t cost much or take up too much time.

Pamper yourself.

You work hard every day, so don’t be ashamed to pamper yourself from time to time.  A 30-minute massage, an hour spent lounging in the sun, or a day at the spa can go a long way.

Plan a real vacation.

It’s been said that the act of planning can be more fulfilling than the plan itself.  All the anticipation that goes into planning and waiting for a plan to come to fruition leads to unexpected happiness and excitement.  Even if it’s a year away, plan a real, legitimate vacation—one that requires you to leave the city and to spend more than a few hours away from your home.