If you can manage to find the right products, smart gadgets can do you and your home a lot of good.  Smart doorbells and camera systems can deter criminals.  Smart smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors will prevent harmful chemicals from overcoming your home and help you avoid unnecessary panic.  Smart lights, thermostats, and speakers will keep you cozy in your favorite chair for much longer.  And smart appliances, cookware, and beds will ensure you’re always well fed and well rested.

But, once again, that’s if you can manage to find the right products.  Finding smart gadgets that actually work like they’re supposed to and without a great deal of hassle can be somewhat of a challenge; however, projects like CNET’s Smarthome and blogs from sources such as Tom’s Guide, Engadget, and PC Magazine are trying to make this feat a little easier… and we’d like help in that endeavor.

We’ve compiled a practical list of smart gadgets that should make for a better than average smarthome.

Smart Crockpot

Not every crockpot meal is created equal, and when you’re on-the-go or at work for eight hours of every day, this can be a problem.  And it can be so much of a problem, that it simply eliminates your ability to crock at all.  With Crock-Pot’s smart Wi-Fi-enabled slow cooker, you can control everything directly from your phone.  Adjust the temperature, turn off the cooker, or establish a time for the cooker to automatically adjust for you.

Smart Speaker

Sometimes it’s easier to control things with your voice than it is with an app, and that’s why Amazon Echo is so darn convenient.  Turn on your Spotify playlist, manage Amazon purchases, order a pizza from Dominos, hail a ride from Uber, or turn off your Wi-Fi-enabled crockpot.  That’s just a few of the things Amazon Echo can do for you.

Smart Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is the smartest AC controller around, and it will work extra hard to save you money.  This thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature of your house when you leave for the day; it will learn your cooling and heating preferences, and it will show you which settings will save you the most money.  Control your Nest directly from a mobile app and always make sure your home is the perfect temperature.

Smart Doorbell

Do you get a lot of packages delivered to your door when you’re not home?  Do you live alone or in a neighborhood that’s poorly secured?  Do you like to know who’s ringing your doorbell before you get up to answer it?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Ring Doorbell is the gadget for you.  This doorbell connects to your phone to deliver a livestream of your front door and allows you to speak to anyone who’s there.  Tell the UPS man to leave it by the door, and let your best friend know you’ll be down in a second.

Smart Wi-Fi

The thing about Wi-Fi is that it’s not always the smartest, most well-connected thing in your house – even though it should be.  With Eero, though, things are a little different.  Eero is a system of routers that create a blanket of Wi-Fi over your home with the most advanced Wi-Fi technology out there.  Manage settings through your phone and always know who is connected and what your current connection speeds are.  Control access and passwords with ease, and benefit from automatic software and security updates.