It shouldn’t come as a shock that customer service is crucial to your business, and the quality of that service is what will determine if your company succeeds or fails.

Which means it’s critical that all available resources—including advances in technology—are utilized properly to ensure that your customers’ needs and concerns are being fulfilled. If your business can anticipate customer demands and tailor your processes in order to meet them, you’ll enjoy a clear competitive advantage. And who doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge of technology and service, right?

This is why it’s so important to understand how new technologies can benefit your business. Below are a couple that can make a huge difference.

Outsourcing support

Customer service support can now be easily outsourced to companies which specialize in this area of business. For example, when Virgin America wanted to improve on their customer service, they hired an external company to manage the entire process. As a result of the changes that were implemented, Virgin experienced a 10 percent improvement in agent productivity and a 9.5 percent gain in forecasting accuracy of its monthly call volumes. Often, there are also cost-savings associated with outsourcing certain areas of customer service. The best part? It keeps you and your staff members from having to do all the dirty work.

Social media

Advances in technology have spawned an entirely new phenomenon: social media. Platforms in social media can be utilized to help businesses find their target audience, communicate with current and potential customers, address and resolve customer complaints, and conduct effective marketing programs. And by measuring responses and keeping metrics on your audiences, you can more easily tailor your marketing material to what works and stay away from what doesn’t — saving you time and money.

Billing solutions

Technology tools that manage customer billing are now being integrated with other business operations which allow for improved information sharing and processing. This is especially true in the medical field where some billing tools have been integrated with Medicare and Medicaid, making the entire billing process far more organized and proficient. Check out what billing solutions work for your business and give your accounting person a break.

Cloud solutions

Using technology to store information in the cloud can provide improved customer service. Cloud hosting and storage are designed to protect information (especially in disaster or recovery situations), allow for remote collaboration, and to be fully accessible from any location. This kind of technology allows your team to provide more efficient and reliable customer service, in the office or in the field. You no longer have to worry about an important staff member being out of the office and not able to access that important presentation or project.

Case management software

Interactions between people, processes, data, and content can be dynamic and absolutely unpredictable. These interactions can be simplified and unified with case management software which allows for better, faster, and smarter business decisions. This software keeps all customer records and information in a single location, which also permits online collaboration and remote access. Case management software is an all-inclusive solution which has the capacity to handle every aspect of customer service, including content management, customer history, data analytics, and incident management. The more efficiently your staff can access records and deal with customers, the smoother the process will be and the happier your customers will end up in the long run.

Every company needs to determine which technology tools are best for their specific business in order to enhance their customer service, not only for the benefit of their customers, but also to realize the improvements that can be achieved in their bottom line. The happier your customers are, the more likely they’ll continue business with you and provide your company with a good reputation.