In Part 1 of 3 tech terms you should know, we covered The Cloud, Cookies, and The Internet of Things, and now it’s time for three more.  So bust out that thinking cap, and let’s take another stab at this whole technology thing.


Many business professionals are highly familiar with the term “downtime” and that’s too bad for them.  But for those of you who aren’t too familiar with it, here goes it.  Downtime is the result of uncooperative technology.  When your technology hiccups—like a crashed server or a broken workstation—your business hiccups, as well.  You and your staff will lose productivity and will basically be forced to twiddle your thumbs as you await a repair.  If it’s a crashed server, you may not have access to your client database, scheduling system, email, and many other mission critical business applications, programs, and platforms.  All of this causes downtime, resulting in lost opportunities, a soiled reputation, and, most likely, a very large repair fee.

404 Error

We’ve probably all stumbled upon a 404 error at one point in our digital journeys, and this term can mean a few different things.  For starters, it can simply mean that the webpage itself does not exist—either you typed in the wrong address, or you’re searching for something that isn’t there.  It can also mean that the website has moved since the last time you were on it (or since you were given the link).  Usually, this occurs if the outdated website was not given the proper redirect to the current website.  Other instances could include a website infected with malware, a simple connection issue, or a problem with your device’s internet settings.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a fairly new term, and at first, it may not appear to be entirely “tech” specific.  But you’d be wrong in that notion.  Content Marketing is the entirety of online marketing efforts that combine in a strategic, cohesive manner.  A monthly newsletter, weekly blogging, and daily social media posts are all considered Content Marketing.  And if created correctly, they should all promote your brand identity and your company’s sweet spot in the most logical and direct fashion.