If you’re looking for a modern way to improve your journey to find share-worthy, read-worthy, time-worthy online material, then look no further. Feedly is the way to go, and here’s why.


Business Continuity

Whether you’re trying to find content for your social media feeds or you’re simply looking for something interesting to read, Feedly is a great place to start. Gather all your favorite content sources into one location and organize it how you see fit. By education, work, and hobbies. By business, technology, and productivity. Or by food, love, and life. How you sort your content will depend on what types of content you frequent and what you plan to use it for.


Business Continuity

Once you have all your content organized, you can easily jump from one category to the next to find what you need – which definitely beats jumping from one website to another. Within each category (for example, within your business section), you can click on any source (like Inc, Entrepreneur, or Business Insider) and instantly view all articles within that source. You can sort these articles with options like Most Popular, Latest, or Unread and scroll through the headlines until you find something worth reading.


Business Continuity

Feedly is all about customization. From what you read to where it goes, you can tweak your feed to your liking. You can even go as far as to customize the way you view content. Would you rather just see headlines and subtitles or do you want to see pictures, too? If you do want to see images, do you want your content sorted by cards or displayed like a magazine? The idea here is to discover what format best suits your reading flow and stands to increase your efficiency the most.