It’s been said that technology can make life easier, and ultimately, you can do more in less time.  But, then again, it’s also been said that technology can complicate things, and after all is said and done, you ran around in circles and took more steps than you had to.

But as an obvious advocate of technology, if you find yourself running around in circles and taking unnecessary steps, we believe it’s simply because you’re looking for technology in the wrong places.  So when building up your arsenal of technology, here are a few key elements you should look for.

A way to manage tasks


First and foremost, you need a platform that allows you to list and organize your tasks.  But everyone works in a different way.  This being said, you need to find a project management system that works best for you and your workflow.  Here are a few platforms to consider:

  • Trello: Organize projects into individual boards, and move project tasks into specific lists. Add notes, to-do’s, documents, and images, and share your boards with coworkers.
  • Asana: Geared more towards the team, Asana allows you to organize projects and tasks holistically. Keep everyone on the same page and always see the bigger picture.
  • Google Keep: Work through your life with simple, color-coded cards. Create to-do lists, reminders, and notes on-the-go.
  • Wunderlist: This one hub can take care of your work life and your personal life. Plan vacations, build a grocery list, or manage a work project.  Set reminders, schedule events, and share your lists with others.


A good calendar system




After you’ve found a way to track, organize, and prioritize your to-do’s, you need technology that gives you the ability to work these activities into your life as a whole.  In other words, you need a really good calendar – one that can remind you of upcoming meetings and appointments, one that is simple to work with, and one that can potentially integrate with other apps.

  • Outlook: This email app comes with an intelligent calendar that allows you to organize meetings directly from a message, schedule emails to pop up later, and receive customized reminders about events and appointments.
  • Google Calendar: With a useful email integration, this aesthetically pleasing app adds flights, reservations, and other events to your calendar automatically.
  • Cal: Created by Do, another well-done task management app, Cal keeps everything you need and more inside your calendar – like directions, contacts, comments, and pictures. This modern app comes with a clean user interface and is incredibly simple to use.


A strategy to do things quicker



Technology really can help you get things done quicker – and without adding any unnecessary steps or making you feel like you’re running around in circles.  This help can come in many different forms – like smart gadgets, AI-infused personal assistants, or smartphone applications – but here are some to get you started.

  • Buffer: If you find that managing social media for your business or maybe even for yourself is starting to get out of hand, Buffer can help with that. Post to multiple platforms, for multiple people or businesses, simultaneously.  You can even schedule your posts weeks ahead of time.
  • Feedly: Browse your favorite blog posts and online news sources from one place. Quickly sort through headlines to find the content you want to read.
  • Pocket: When you come across an interesting article, video, or website but you don’t have time for it right now, save it into your pocket. Access this content when you do have the time for it – with or without an internet connection.
  • Amazon Echo: This Amazon-branded gadget can do a lot for you. With nothing but your voice, you can call an Uber, add items to your to-do list, order toilet paper, or find out what the traffic conditions are like.
  • Scannable: Forget the scanner and download Scannable. Use your phone to snap pictures of a document or image and allow Scannable to crop the photo into a high-quality scan for you.  Email PDFs or JPEGs directly within the app.
  • Tile: Losing valuable items can be a pain, but with Tile, this isn’t an issue.  Slip a Tile into your bag, attach it to the back of your phone or laptop, or hook it onto your key ring.  If one of these items ever goes missing, you’ll receive step-by-step directions to track it down.