Passwords can be stolen and shared hundreds of time before you even realize what’s going on, making them a security nightmare. So what is the future of passwords? What technology breakthroughs are happening to ensure access is given only to those who are authorized? The answer is biometric identification—using our body’s unique features to help mold a breach-free future, saving money, eliminating fraud and reducing corruption.

What makes passwords dangerous is that many people use simple, easy-to-crack words or phrases.  Or, they use the same password for every account, making it ridiculously easy for one hack to initiate the hack of all hacks. The major problem is that our email connects to everything—banks, health records, social platforms, everything.  Theoretically, all a hacker needs is access to your email account to potentially unlock extremely sensitive information—and this is where and why biometric excels.

From something as simple as your email account to more complex issues like Election Day, no one can physically pretend to be you. And while other technologies like USB keys and Bluetooth detection are improvements to the traditional password, biometric identification is, hands down, the future. Here are a few examples of how biometrics can potentially become your password.

The fingerprint

Everyday people currently use this password eliminator on a regular basis. iPhone users can forego the number password for fingerprint identification, making smartphone access (literally) one touch away.

Facial recognition and iris scanning are additional biometrics that are on the rise, so don’t be surprised if it only takes a glance to access your Facebook or banking account in the near future.

Wearable tattoos

A wearable computer tattoo is an idea currently being tossed about the IT industry.  These tattoos can bring information like ECG, EEG and body temperature to the surface of your skin through photodetectors, a wireless antenna and power coil that transforms a small section of your body into a ‘living’ motherboard. Your tattoo would interact with your connected devices to identify the real you and to always give access to the right person.

Cardiac signature

Heartbeat sensors aren’t just for keeping track of your daily health stats; these wristbands can also manage and remember your unique cardiac signature.  Biometric wristband technology can unlock your accounts through the distinctive beat of your heart.