Windows is great and all. But with the right list of shortcuts at your side, it could be better. Here are 10 of the most useful Windows shortcuts that you should never Windows without.

Windows Key + L

Everyone should know how to lock their computer quickly, and this function will do just that. Every time you leave your desk, hit the Windows Key + L to lock your PC and to prevent others from accessing its contents.

Windows Key + Home

At times, you could have close to 50 programs open on your computer at once. But when you need to get back to your desktop, this can be problematic. Tap the Windows key + Home to minimize all open screens and get back to your desktop.

ALT + F4

But what if you want to close the current screen altogether, not just minimize it? Use ALT + F4 to do just that. This function will only close the screen you’re currently on. But use it with caution. If you’re on the internet and have multiple pages open, this function will close down every open page.


Copy. Paste. And Cut. In that order. If you don’t know how to use these functions already, now you do… but don’t admit it… because that’s embarrassing.


Again, you might have 50 different programs opened up on your computer at one time. If this is the case for you, then things can get chaotic. Use ALT + TAB to quickly move from one program to the next. Still holding down the ALT key, you can either use your mouse or the TAB key to select which program you would like to jump to.


If you’re on a webpage that needs to be refreshed, don’t bother going for that mouse or the search bar. Just hit F5, and it’ll automatically refresh the page for you.


Whether you’re inside a word document or reading a pretty cool blog like this one, it is possible to mass select all the text at once. Simply use CTRL + A to get the job done. If you want to copy the text, as well, then make sure to use CTRL + C while the text is still highlighted.

Windows + S

Cortana might not be the greatest search method out there, but Windows 10 does make it incredibly easy to get to. All you have to do is hit the Windows key + S to open up Cortana. From here, you can immediately begin typing in your search query.

Windows + Up, Windows + Down

These two functions can help you quickly pull your screen down or maximize it. Windows + the Up arrow will maximize the screen, while Windows + the Down key will restore the screen to the last size you had it at.

Windows + Left, Windows + Right

This function is extremely useful, especially if you only have one monitor to work with. Hit the Windows key + the Left arrow to pull your current screen to the left side (use the right arrow to pull it to the right side). Once you do this, all other open screens will display in boxes on the right side. Select which screen you would like to display, and the two screens will show up next to each other, allowing you to work in two screens at once.