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Protect Your Digital Life with These 4 Tricks

Allowing a site to remember your password or to track your search history may make for a more user-friendly experience but that might not always be the best idea. More often than not, adding a step here and a step there will help you protect yourself within the Internet of Things (IoT) more successfully. Here [...]

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Why Two-Factor Authentication Isn’t Foolproof

You know that annoying page that asks you to set up two-factor authentication when you log in to your Gmail? Well, Google is on to something and you should probably do it. So what is two-factor authentication? (And why does it have such a long name?) Well, it’s the latest and greatest way to keep [...]

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Is the Internet of Things a Threat?

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise, but serious danger lurks there, too. New device and application security vulnerabilities are exposed daily. It seems impossible to secure every type of device in every potential use case scenario, and yet, when it comes to critical infrastructure, how could society settle for anything less? Potential Security [...]

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6 Easy Ways to Stay Safe Against Cyberthreats

As many of us are preparing to fall back into a routine—driving our kids to school, making lunches in the morning, working around afterschool activities—it’s critical that we stay safe in the process. Every day, cyberthreats evolve and hackers learn more efficient ways to get what they want from you. Because of this, you have [...]

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