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Should you use OneNote, Google Keep, or Evernote?

Real talk, we all have a lot going on. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, and if it’s not personal, it’s work-related. The days of sitting on a sofa binge-watching The X-Files are long gone and have been replaced with a fourth snooze and a defeated shuffle to the coffee machine in the mornings. [...]

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5 things you should do after work

We all know the best time of day is the end of the workday. By the time 4:50PM creeps around, any normal office worker has already checked out mentally, packed their things, and are patiently waiting for that clock to hit 5:00PM. It’s like Christmas morning, except we feel this joy every day, at precisely [...]

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Back to Basics: Malware 101

Thank you, WannaCry, for bringing cyber security back into focus for us. Now that we’re all concerned about our digital lives again, it’s time for a little refresher on the basics of malware. So buckle in kids, here we go! Trojans If you haven’t heard the story about the Greeks and their Trojan horse, you [...]

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6 Ways to Make Your Office Space Feel Comfy

It’s hard trading in your comfortable bed for the harsh reality of the office every morning. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time curled in the cozy arms of a blanket? Instead, we’re forced into fluorescent lighting, the daily grind of work, and artificial light from our screens. To make that transition from home to [...]

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