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3 new apps you should download today

Apps are great… mainly because they require very little commitment on the user’s end.  You can download an app this month, delete it by next month, replace it with something else, delete that next month, and then go back a few months later and re-download the original app. Every now and then you’ll discover an [...]

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4 things to consider to protect your company’s social media accounts

tuthelens / Shutterstock.com There are a million and one ways your business can become vulnerable to internal and external threats.  Some you can prevent, while others you just have to take as they come.  But for those threats you can prevent, you should have policies and procedures established.  Like for social media… but more specifically, [...]

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Own an Amazon Echo? These are the commands you should know.

The Amazon Echo really is a gadget of art.  It can do so much for so little.  All it requires is a simple command.  But what exactly are these voice commands…?  Take a look below to find out. Set an alarm, a timer, or ask for the time. The Amazon Echo is the clock you [...]

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6 ways to reduce office stress

We’ve all been there before.  Stressed.  Overworked.  And feeling exhausted.  Work can sometimes get the best of us and then leave us in a state of mind we really don’t enjoy all that much.  But in all actuality, preventing the stress of work from overcoming your work-self and then following your personal-self home afterwards isn’t [...]

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