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4 communication apps to help your team work together

Communication is the key to a solid team.  However, finding an effective way to communicate with your coworkers can seem like a daunting task. But only at first. We live in a time where apps rule supreme, and if apps are good for anything, it’d be communication.  So here are a few to get you [...]

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Want less stress? These 3 suggestions might help.

How you feelin’ today?  A little stressed?  Overworked?  Like you want to curl up in a ball underneath your desk and only resurface when the robots take over? Well… you’re not alone. It’s completely normal to feel stressed on the job.  Some of this stress can be good for you – it can keep you [...]

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Workplace: The Facebook of team management apps

Whelp, Facebook has gone and done it.  They’ve figured out a way to not only make Facebook allowed in the office… but required.  And how exactly did they go and do that?  It’s simple really.  They’ve transformed things from personal to professional with Workplace. This team management app looks an awful lot like Facebook would [...]

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Reusing a password is dangerous, but most everyone does it.

91% of people understand the risk of reusing a password.  Yet, 61% of people still use the same password or a similar password from one account to the next. Why is this? Well, according to LastPass, you can blame Cognitive Dissonance for that.  “You know it’s bad for you, but you do it anyways.”  Maybe [...]

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