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What is two-factor authentication and should you use it?

No matter how many times we ask you to create a strong password, it just won’t happen.  People have this super weird fascination with passwords like ‘password’, ‘bob’, and ‘12345.’  It’s so strange.  It’s almost as if… you don’t care (gasp). But it’s true.  Most people don’t really care about the strength of their passwords.  [...]

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6 simple ways to improve your Wi-Fi signal

We’ve all been there before… screaming unintelligible profanities at the TV screen as Netflix continues to buffer on the edge of 99% for the sixth minute straight.  Meanwhile, your incoherencies are frightening nearby family members and scaring small furry animals to pieces. You can thank your less than acceptable Wi-Fi signal for that. But your [...]

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5 reasons your business can do without data loss

shutterstock.com / McIek Last April nerdy internet forums everywhere got delightfully primordial after a man created a post declaring he had accidentally deleted all of his data.  With one single line of code, this man managed to wipe his entire database completely clean – backups included. The man, also known as Mr. Marsala, expressed interest [...]

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Track down your missing items with this connected gadget

thetileapp.com Technology is a magical thing.  It has this rather useful tendency to take really complicated processes and simplify them… simplified to the point where it’s hardly a process at all.  Pretty soon we’re going to run out of processes to simplify.  Then what are we going to do with ourselves? Netflix.  We’d do Netflix. [...]

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